’24/’25 Registration Is Open!

’24/’25 Registration Is Open!


What Makes Us Different?

Teaching 21st Century Skills

Our educators are focused on social-emotional learning to build resiliency and help students adjust to our new world. Helping children understand and manage their emotions, feel and show empathy for others, establish healthy relationships, and make responsible decisions are the cornerstones of growing great people. These essential skills prevent learning deficits that children outside our program may have experienced during the pandemic!


Sheva is a framework that identifies seven Jewish lenses which help align our values with our practice. The Sheva lenses inspire an enriched learning environment and are lived in the classroom and school community every day. The lenses provide a shared language and perspective for building communities, piquing curiosity, enhancing relationships, and making the world a better place.

Social Services

A defining and essential component of JCC Chicago’s Early Childhood Program, our Social Services Team, is dedicated to partnering with parents and educators to help each child realize his/her fullest potential as they become part of their classroom community. Our team is comprised of experienced, licensed child development experts and mental health professionals who are focused on enhancing the educational and psycho-social development of every child within our program.

Social Services provides a variety of personalized services for our Early Childhood families, including the identification and early intervention of developmental and behavioral concerns, recommendations and classroom adaptations to support the unique needs of each child, support groups, and more.

We would love to speak with you!

Taking a tour offers families a chance to meet our Directors, learn about our indoor and outdoor classrooms, and discuss our unique educational approach.

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